Taper Head Cutters, Medium Relieved

Taper Head Cutters, Medium Relieved

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Medium Taper Relieved Head Cutters is Tronex's most popular cutter Pointed head allows for increased cutting access yet has sufficient strength to avoid tip breakage when used within its capacity

522X • Overall Length: 4.6” (117mm) - Tip Length: .45” (11mm)
722X • Overall Length: 5.6” (142mm) - Tip Length: .45” (11mm)

Please visit our "Selecting a Cutter" guide to help in the selection of the right cutter.

All Cutting Capacity Ratings are for soft copper wire.

Cut Inch MM AWG
5221/7221 Semi-Flush .008"-.045" 0.2-1.15mm 32-17
5222/7222 Flush .004"-.041" 0.1-1.05mm 38-18
5223/7223 Razor Flush .004"-.035" 0.1-0.9mm 38-19