About Us

Brought To You By Fargo Enterprises, Inc.


Curt Fargo, President of Fargo Enterprises, Inc. has been in the tool business and specifically, tools for the Jewelry Trade for over 30 years. Curt has specialized in pliers and cutters while he enjoys matching up the right tool with the consumer and the task at hand. Located just 10 miles down the road the Tronex factory, Curt has had a close working relationship with Tronex over the years. Curt is responsible for the design of 10 different Tronex Pliers.  

Fargo Enterprises, Inc. is a Master Distributor for Tronex (Desco Industries) to the Jewelry Trade. Tronex's Customer Service to the Jewelry Trade is provided by Curt at Fargo Enterprises, Inc. 


Tronex operates in state of the art facilities located in Fairfield, CA; just outside of Napa. With the latest technology and machinery, Tronex is able to produce the highest quality tools for customers all over the world. 


Tronex is world renown for focus on quality, craftsmanship and innovation. Tronex cutters and pliers are manufactured in their US facility starting with the best quality materials and a unique, high performance design.


Tronex carefully inspects every single tool prior to shipment and offer our quality guarantee: Cutting tests are performed on every single cutter before shipping. Tronex warrants their tools to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 1 year after purchase.


Most of Tronex's tool makers have been with Tronex for over 10 years. All of their craftsman are specially trained to keep quality at the forefront, from the beginning of the tool manufacturing process to the final finishing touches.


Almost all Tronex styles are available with either standard  handles or longer, economic handles. Model numbers which start with a “5” have standard handles and model numbers which start with a “7” have longer, ergonomic handles


All Tronex cutters and pliers come with a useful protective cap designed to protect the tips, prevent possible operator injury and keep out moisture.


All Tronex cutters and pliers come standard with double cushion grips surrounding the steel handles. These comfortable grips have a non-slip, suedelike surface and are made from static-dissipative material which is ESD safe.